Friday, May 27, 2011

New Urban Creature Design

We at Urban Creatures are always trying to come up with nifty, little ideas for products we can make with our left over t-shirt scraps. Recently, we have created some hair clips, ponytail holders, and even baby headbands.

Now I have a new pillow idea that I am pretty excited about. The front is from a log cabin quilt design. All of the pieces are our repurposed t-shirt scraps. I fused some interfacing to the strips so once the pillow is completed and functional it will not loose its shape. It is entirely made from cotton jersey.

Of course, this is just the front. I think I will complete the pillow by adding a light, heather gray to the border and the back. This pillow will have a 14x14 pillow insert and I will use a coordinating zipper for the back. Maybe in the pink, orange, or blue. I want it to be fun and vibrant!

I'm hoping to finish this soon and will definitely post pics of the finished product.

Ciao for now,

P.S. I'm playing with the layout and design of my blog. I definitely need a better heading. If anybody can suggest some sites that could be useful for designing a blog please let me know;)


  1. Look at you with your log cabin blocks. You'll have to bring it to the next meeting if it hasn't sold in the shop . I love all of your new items!

  2. Looking good! Wonderful and beautiful new ideas. I do know someone that can help you with the header... how about next week!!