Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Must Haves - Swimwear

As Summer is just now beginning here in the Pacific Northwest I thought I would start a little series about Summer Must Haves. I chose swimwear as my first subject because nothing says Summer like a swimsuit. Also, being an Etsy seller I thought I would only feature items found on Etsy.

Searching for swimwear on Etsy was quite fun. I found all sorts of items. Suits that were crocheted, knotted, ruffled, and even fishnet, oh my!

I have to say that my favorite styles were those that were vintage and vintage-inspired. 

Here are a few of my faves....

Sailor girl one-piece, $106

Fun, Barbie inspired one-piece, $100

Cheetah print two-piece, approximately $109

Polka-dot bikini, $124.95

1950s yellow two piece, S, $68

1960s mod one piece, S, $64

1970s abstract tribal print halter, $46

I, myself, have worn a vintage suit in the past. It was a bright, electric blue terry cloth two-piece. The top was a halter and the bottom were hiphuggers. I loved it!

Now I have something fun to share. 

both from Blythe Kingdom

As I was searching Etsy for swimwear I found these cool and adorable swimsuits for your Blythe doll. I just couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Being a Portlander means I rarely, if ever, get to wear a swimsuit so this was fun looking at all the possibilities out there. It was like I was sitting in a cabana drinking pina coladas. Well, not really but still a good time:)

Ciao for now,

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