Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Craft Fun

This weekend a few of us had the honor of putting on a baby "sprinkle" for one of my best friends Mariah. We called it a sprinkle because this is her second child so this time she got a sprinkle of gifts instead of a shower of gifts.

I had the honor, along with my lovely partner Carla, of putting the diaper cake together. There are many ways to construct these. I prefer the fanned version. It is quicker to put together and when the time comes for the diapers to be used it is very easy for the mother to take it apart. 

The ribbons were very easy to find. I knew I wanted my base color to be purple so I started with a solid purple ribbon. I then needed a print. Once I found my print I then needed a few accent ribbons to pull it all together. 

Now I couldn't just have ribbons on the cake. I needed something else. I roamed both Joann's and Michael's looking for the that finishing touch. I found nothing! So, it was all left up to me. 

I had received a link to a blog from a crafty girl who makes pom poms out of t-shirts. Given that I have a ton of tees because of Urban Creatures I thought that would be perfect. Luckily, I had a tee for every color on the cake. I was set. I had my idea.

I started making my pom pom and to my dismay it just did not work. I needed smaller pom poms and because I tried to reduce the size they kept falling apart. Oh no! What to do. So, I played with it a little and then started to see that from these pieces I could make flowers.

As Carla and I were making these cool little flowers for the cake we thought these would be a great accessory for Urban Creatures. 

After a little tweaking we have come up with the perfect flower accessory. Still, all made from old t-shirts. These are all brooches and will be debuted in our Etsy store this week. Aren't they cool?!?!
We will also use these flowers to make hair clips. Stay tuned;)

Well, after all this rambling I still haven't gotten the chance to talk about what I made for Mariah's gift. So, my next post will be all about the gift.

Ciao for now,

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